"Topics You Care About" - system setup and first month of content curation

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Want to stay on top of the latest and relevant news, articles, people and companies related to topics you care about? I'll set up an efficient system for you to wrangle content curation topics that you can use to boost what you post and share via social media, your email newsletter, blog posts plus internally with your team.

After I've set up the system for you, I will do the following work for you during the first month:

• Daily roundup of curated content sent to you in an email. If you use Slack, I will post the roundup on your #readinglist or #topicswecareabout Slack channel
• 15+ social media posts (each customized for Twitter and Facebook)
• 3 roundup blog posts (aka "what we're reading")

After the initial month's project, you can manage the system yourself or enlist my ongoing help on a monthly basis via a separate package.

Getting started

To prepare for our phone call, compile a list of 10+ topics, people, and companies that are related to what you're working on. I'll build upon that list based on our conversation. Throughout the month, I will add add new topics/people/companies to the tracking system and you can send me additional suggestions, too.